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The explorations on the surface qualities of these materials become very important for the preparation of solar cells in PVs. Therefore a nondestructive optical testing method is proposed in this paper by using GaAs PV materials. The proposed method uses a gas ionization system (IS) together with an optical measurement tool powered by the fractal dimension analysis (OMT-FD). The method initially records the spatial distributed light emission intensity (SDLEI) data radiated from the IS including the PV material and applies OMT-FD to this data in order to find out the optical properties of the sample. Thus the efficiencies of the discharge light emission (DLE) intensities can be accurately and qualitatively investigated and the optical responses of charge carriers are determined for any external voltage range. It has been proven that OMT-FD results indicate a sharp increment above a certain external voltage to IS and gives a quality value for the PV cells under the appropriate external voltage value applied to the IS. The optimized parameter set for the testing system has been ascertained.


gas discharge, semiconductor

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